Cantwell-Anderson, Inc.

California Communities



Westside Residence Hall (WRH): Inglewood California
Westside Residence Hall, Inc. & Cloudbreak Inglewood, LLC

This inaugural development houses 315 units supporting up to 500 beds including 150 VA Grant and Per Diem transitional housing beds operated by United States Veterans Initiative (U.S. VETS); 10 Substance Abuse Services Coordinating Agency beds; and 247 units of permanent housing with support services provided by U.S. VETS, a VA on-site clinic and the Inglewood Adult School.



                                                                                                        Interior of Model Unit

Westside Residence Hall II features 196 efficiency units including 50 Project-Based Department of Housing and Urban Development Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD VASH) Vouchers all of which opened in November 2011.  Renovation plans of WRH are underway to convert from a dormitory setting to efficiency units beginning in 2012.  WRH III envisions 110 additional permanent housing units with retail/commercial space on the first floor. 

Villages at Cabrillo: Long Beach California

Covering 26 acres, this Base Closure development is the largest residential program in the country for homeless veterans, families and youth, with 1000 beds of transitional housing, permanent housing and social services. The project was secured, envisioned, financed and developed by Cantwell-Anderson, Inc., and collaborative efforts of over 14 public, private and non-profit organizations packaged critical services.  The development was completed in 2010 and ownership was transferred to Century Housing, a California non-profit, to continue operations.

Compton, California

Cloudbreak Compton, LLC completed renovations of an 80-bed facility to serve the re-entry needs of veterans with criminal histories by combining support services, housing and reintegration training.  The development is expected to begin occupancy in 2012.