Cantwell-Anderson, Inc.


Cloudbreak Communities is the branded name for a family of mission-driven, Limited Liability Companies (LLC); each engaged in the development of supportive housing for homeless, formerly homeless and at-risk veterans.  Owned and operated by Cantwell-Anderson, Inc.; a California Corporation, the various Cloudbreak companies which make up the Cloudbreak Communities brand, have successfully completed the development of nearly 2,800 housing beds in nearly 1800 units located in five states and coalesced a myriad of support service providers to deliver needed care to the veteran residents.  Another 700+ units are under active or planned development.


The Cloudbreak Communities approach towards special needs housing development stems from the framework of collaboration believing that all parties’ talents are maximized when empowered to operate within their expertise.  We are fiercely loyal to the concept of “collaborate in everything and be redundant in nothing.”  It is thus that we assemble the best local teams of public, private, non-profit and community-based organizations to go about the business of planning, developing, financing, services development and coordination.  The focus of Cloudbreak Communities is primarily on acquiring and planning real estate, construction and property management and delivering on space needs of support service providers operating within each of our individual geographical communities.  We believe in creating safe, clinically supported communities where veterans can reach their highest level of independence and personal satisfaction.